Thank You For Voting!

Voter Responsibility

You have completed what is called a provisional ballot. Basically, you have not been identified as a bona fide voter. In the meantime, your votes are being counted in the unofficial results. However, lots of people are anxious to find out the official results after watching the unofficial polls. To have your vote included in the official results, you need to certify your vote using an email address as your voter ID. That tells people you’re serious as hell, but even then you’re not done.

Here’s Where It Gets Crazy

The War of Awards "electoral college" meets at PAX East, and while attendees may take your certified votes seriously, they are not bound to them under current law. Rumor has it these people are a secret society of tea-drinking elites who think they know everything there is to know about games. You have to show up in person to keep up the pressure and make sure the final vote turns out as you intended.

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